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“Christina was a great writer — knowledgeable and meticulous. Would love to work with her again!”
“Christina was a great writer! Truly enjoyed her content.”

Blog & Article Writing 

SEO-optimized headlines your unique audience will want to share. Clear, credible articles that give value to the reader without fluff or filler. 

website content writing

Engaging, concise, SEO-optimized content for your website. 

proofreading & editing

Careful review of documents for spelling, punctuation, grammar, spacing, and syntax, as well as style guide consistency (AP, MLA, APA, or Chicago). Edit suggestions for clearer or more concise language.

social media post writing

Original social media posts that engage your audience with your organization.



I don't do academic ghostwriting. I don't believe in cheating your way to a degree. Having someone write your paper for you cheapens the entire academic system for everyone.

I will not plagiarize.  I believe in respecting other writers and  and will not copy the work others have done.

I won't promote pseudoscience. I don't believe in click-bait headlines or articles that twist facts and research for clicks.

I won't market unscientific disease "cures" or multi-level marketing schemes. I believe snake-oil marketing is harmful to patients and other vulnerable populations.


Areas of interest

  • Psychology & mental health

  • Healthcare & disease mangement

  • Fitness & exercise

  • Food & restaurants

writing & content Skills

  • Copywriting

  • Researching

  • Interviews

  • Editing/Proofreading

  • Basic HTML/CSS

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy

writing experience

During my professional career, I have written for:

  • a national non-profit organization

  • restaurants & foodie events

  • fitness centers

  • medical practices

  • psychologists

  • an environmental advocacy website

  • a chronic illness & disability website

  • ...and more

professional memberships

  • Writers & Critters international writers' critique group

  • The South Jersey Writers' Group

  • American Medical Writers' Association