Christina Carrell, Writer


It all started when…

Remember 1998 when N*SYNC ruled the airwaves and everyone was busy feeding their Tamagotchi? I was ten years old, and we got our first computer - complete with America Online and dial-up internet.   

Every day after school I'd race inside to hear that magical sound - "You've Got Mail!" - and know that someone was picking up what I'd put down: my first self-published e-newsletter, Dance and Music World. 

 I wrote articles, interviewed other kids, researched topics, and organized it all into a monthly "zine" sent to the subscribers I accrued through AOL kids' chat rooms. Back then, I didn't know I was practicing for a career. I just knew I was doing what I loved: writing, researching, learning, and best of all:  sharing what I learned with others. 

My name's Christina Carrell, and I'm a freelance writer living in historic Medford, New Jersey with my husband and our son.  I love to write about food, restaurants, and psychology. My writing has been featured on sites like Jersey Bites, Huffington Post, The Mighty, Scary Mommy, BlogHer, and the Good Men Project. I also had a short fiction story set in the Pine Barrens published in The Literary Hatchet.

In addition to the work I do for clients, I just launched two blogs of my own: Fork in the Pines and Parenting Takeaways.

I'm a passionate lifelong learner, and when I'm not writing, I usually have a book or magazine in my hand. Three of my favorite books of all time: A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L'Engle), The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers), and Other Voices, Other Rooms (Truman Capote). I have a weakness for anything in the Southern Gothic genre.

A lover of hygge before I ever learned the word for it, I live for cozy reading nooks, the smell of used bookstores, and quiet coffee shops. I like tea by the fire, falling leaves, and rainy days.  I like abandoned places and stories set in small towns with dark underbellies. I like spontaneous day trips and wandering off-the-beaten-path.

I earned my BA in English at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania - another city that holds a special place in my heart. I got my MA in English at Rutgers Camden, where I wrote my thesis on Anne of Green Gables and taught freshman English.

I'm a member of the South Jersey Writer's Group and an international women's critique group called Writers & Critters.

Drop me a line if you're interested in working with me, or follow me on Twitter!